Meyerdiercks Marine

Tradition and innovation
since 1875 

Hinrich Meyerdiercks is a traditional Bremen-based company now being run by the 5th generation. As a specialist in trade and craftsmanship, we are a highly qualified partner for our customers.

Quite a lot has happened since our foundation by Hinrich Meyerdiercks in 1875. There have been political changes, economic challenges, and changing markets. Times have challenged us but also shaped us and we are proud of our development.

We have always attached great importance to quality and good relationships with our customers and have always changed together with them. That is why we are convinced that we will also master future challenges.


Custom-made textile equipment 

Tradition, quality and perfection 

Sailmaking has been the most important focus of our business since we were founded in 1875. As a craft and trading company, we are traditionally at home in the shipping industry. Today we stand by our customers from the shipbuilding industry as a strong partner and react together to all developments. 

Our Sailmaking involves the production of protective custom-made covers - on deck, below deck, and everything in between. When working together with Meyerdiercks, our customers value our quality standards and benefit from our extensive experience and our careful and reliable operational procedures. We manufacture to measure, and thus meet the individual requirements of our customers. 

This is how we work: 
Example of custom-made covers for a mega yacht

Our work is based on a trusting cooperation between the project managers of the shipyard, the owner representatives and our team; this is because the suggestions made by us, e.g. for fastening options, must be approved and implemented together with the yard. From first offer to customer acceptance, here is a view of the process: 
  • Creation of a project offer with target prices 
  • Specification of the order at the end of the ship's equipment phase. Only then can a clear picture of the work process be made.
  • Measurements are taken on-site 
  • Submission of suggestions for fastening options that offer security and meet aesthetic requirements. 
  • Production of patterns
  • Production of the component parts
  • Fitting and, if necessary, final adjustments and changes
At the end of the project, the final product is accepted by the customer.
Manufacturing of fabrics - our services

We offer an extensive range of sailmaking services. We take care of everything that has to be covered on ships: made to measure and per customer request. 

The quality of the materials used, a careful manufacturing process and close, reliable cooperation with our customers set us apart. We only work with well-known manufacturers. The materials we use meet a wide variety of requirements. These include water impermeability, UV-protection and mould-resistance. They are also tear-resistant and breathable. Our heavy boat covers are stormproof. All materials used for the interior are of course flame-retardant. We choose the right material for the right job. 

To give you an impression of our manufacturing capabilities, we provide an overview of our products below. They are divided according to the type of ship on which our covers are used. Are you looking for a product not listed here? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We develop the appropriate solutions together with our customers.

Mega yachts 
  • All kind of covers for indoor and outdoor use
  • Awnings
  • Fender covers 
  • Protective covers for floors and carpets
  • Dust covers 
Special ships
  • Nets for railings
  • Dodgers
  • Drift anchor
  • Collision mat
  • Leathering of handrails
Tender Boats and Rescue Boats
  • Entrance door covers
  • Weather protection covers
  • Upholstered seats
  • Boat covers
Shipyards and Industry
  • Knee cushions
  • Dust filter
  • Tool bags
  • Curtains


Assembly I Testing I Documentation

Safety and security
in all weather conditions

Whether it’s steel-wire ropes, fiber ropes, chains or textile straps, we manufacture load harnesses and lashing goods for customer-specific use. Lifting and lashing, these are basics in rigging.

The use of high quality materials is essential in shipping and industry. We know the required materials in all their forms and know about their specific properties, and applications.

Carrying capacity, corrosion and elasticity: the products that we consider in the planning and manufacturing of our products. Safety has the highest priority in all cases.

Our customers can always rely on our commitment and our craftsmanship. We are used to deliver in time and professionell Installation on site.

Working in our rigging loft means traditionell craftmanship like: hand splicing, mechanical splicing (pressing), sweating wire rope sockets, and swaging terminals. 

Our expertise is in demand both in production and in cooperation with our customers. We would be happy to discuss with you the question of whether chains, fiber ropes or steel-wire ropes are more suitable for the respective area of ​​application. 

We assemble the following ropes, chains and nets at the customer's request for various types of ships: 
Marine ships
  • Rope ladders
  • Folding railing nets
  • Railings
  • Protective railings for hatches
  • Ceremonial arrangements for lights and for flags
Specialised ships
  • Winch runner 
  • Safety and protection ropes
  • Fender ropes
Tender Boats and Rescue Boats
  • Ropes for free-fall boats
  • Lifting gear
  • Davit-runners
Shipyards and Industry
  • Crane ropes
  • Towing ropes
  • Lifting mats
  • Deflection cables
  • Brake cables
  • Lifting Slings


On ships, the quality and safety of all products in used have top priority; alone to protect the passengers and the crew on board. 

The requirements for the materials depend on the area of ​​application. The most important ones include corrosion, flame retardancy, UV radiation resistance, storm resistance, weather resistance, mould resistance, water impermeability and breathability. Therefore we only work with well-known manufacturers who can confirm the quality and properties of their materials.

The quality inspection of goods and materials procured by suppliers is an integral part of our work processes. To confirm the existing product properties of the metallic products, we receive test certificates according to DIN EN 10204 from our suppliers. In addition, we can seamlessly track the supply chains based on batches and certify this to our customers without any problems.

Meyerdiercks Marine is certified by DNV-GL and Lloyds Register. Our specialised knowledge, documentation and processes are checked and confirmed by an audit every 4 years. On this basis, the ropes and hardware which we assemble can also be examined or approved by external experts whenever necessary.


A small compilation of our products...