Our Requirements:

For our manufacturing

Components and external services play an important part in the success of our finished products. The availability and reliability of these components and services are therefore essential. Wehave therefore built up a strong relationship of trust to our suppliers.

For trading

Our success in the market place is based firmly on optimised material management and cost-effective procurement. We are constantly striving to expand and built upon this success. To this aim we need the support of suppliers who also see themselves as partners in this success.

For logistics

A highly developed supply-chain management requires the right logistics partner. As a company with activities throughout Europe we have a steady flow of incoming and outgoing deliveries. To meet these requirements we need partners who can transport goods in the quickest and most economical way, either directly or though established networks. Our interests also extend to partners who store, pack and commission goods.

Our demands of suppliers:

  • Competent points of contact at all levels
  • Transparency in pricing and product policies
  • Ethical company policy
  • Attractive conditions (quantity, quality and price)
  • A effective complaints management system
  • IT compatibility for catalogues, price-lists and inventory lists

What we offer our suppliers:

  • A solid and reliable customer
  • Prompt payments for all goods and services
  • An intergrated material management system




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